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NI: Coronavirus Q& A: Drs. Fink, Neshweiwat and Ahmed answer viewers’ questions on ‘Fox News @ Night’ ((night_____________)) ((lubuntu at wor2))

Are we at risk from imported foods? Should I quarantine myself from my pregnant wife? Insight from primary care physician Dr. Sam Fink, Fox News medical contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat and Dr. Qanta Ahmed, associate professor of medicine at NYU Langone

NI: Coronavirus in the heartland: 34 people test positive after church event in Arkansas ((night_____________)) ((lubuntu at wor2))

Nearly three dozen people who attended a children’s event at a church in rural Arkansas have tested positive for coronavirus; insight from Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson

IA: Rep. Kevin McCarthy on Nancy Pelosi taking credit for coronavirus stimulus package ((ingramangle_______)) ((lubuntu at wor2))

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did get $24 million for the Kennedy Center included in the $2.2 trillion relief package aimed at helping Americans amid the COVID-19 crisis, says House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

CNN3: “:”u003cstrong>Watch:u003c/strong> 3-D video shows Covid-19 attack patient’s lungs”, “BANNER=|pagerendered| ((lubuntu at wor2))

|| screaming-banner-text banner-text-size–char-47″ data-analytics=”_list-hierarchical-xs_hyperlink_”> US surpasses China for most coronavirus cases ||” , title: “CNN – Breaking News, Latest News and Videos” , siblings: {“articleList”:[{“uri”:”/videos/us/2020/03/26/3d-video-shows-covid-19-attack-lungs.cnn”,”headline”:”u003cstrong>Watch:u003c/strong> 3-D video shows Covid-19 attack patient’s lungs”,”thumbnail”:”//”,”duration”:”01:16″,”description”:”CT imaging from George Washington University Hospital shows the effects of Covid-19 on the lungs of a 59-year old man.”,”layout”:””,”iconType”:”video”


IA: Michigan governor threatens doctors who prescribe hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 ((ingramangle_______)) ((lubuntu at wor2))

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs warns that prescribing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for treatment of COVID-19 ‘without further proof of efficacy’ may be investigated for administrative action; reaction from Dr. Jeff Colyer, former Kansas governor