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IA: The left push to remove police from US schools ((ingramangle_______)) ((lubuntu at wor2))

Many cities and school boards across the country have already given into the radical left and eliminated the police presence in schools; reaction from Andrew Pollack, father of Parkland shooting victim, and Bernie Kerik, former NYPD commissioner

NI: Attorney General William Barr creates task force to counter violent extremists ((night_____________)) ((lubuntu at wor2))

Barr directs creation of DOJ task force to counter anti-government extremists taking advantage of recent demonstrations to sow discord through acts of violence; reaction from Fox News contributor Guy Benson and Seattle radio talk show host Jason Rantz

IA: CBS host gushes about Gov. Cuomo’s bachelor status; MSNBC’s Chris Hayes calls on Trump to resign ((ingramangle_______)) ((lubuntu at wor2))

Worst in Media: Adam Guillette, president of Accuracy in Media, and Alexandra Wilkes, GOP strategist and attorney, examine the worst offenders of the week

IA: Acting DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli breaks down President Trump’s executive order to protect monuments ((ingramangle_______)) ((lubuntu at wor2))

President Trump signs an executive order to crack down on the desecration of public statues and monuments; insight from Acting DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli

IA: Left claims conservatives are weaponizing cancel culture ((ingramangle_______)) ((lubuntu at wor2))

Media blames conservatives for using cancel culture to ‘tame anti-Trump celebrities’; reaction from Mark Hemingway, senior writer at Real Clear Investigations, and Fox News contributor Sara Carter, host of the ‘Sara Carter Show’ podcast