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NI: Coronavirus relief bill allows self-employed to claim benefits ((night_____________)) ((lubuntu at wor2))

The economic uncertainty gripping the country is proving especially difficult on the self-employed and independent contractors; chief congressional correspondent Mike Emanuel reports

IA: Mark Cuban says entrepreneurs will lead America back from COVID-19 crisis, praises SBA coronavirus loans ((ingramangle_______)) ((lubuntu at wor2))

Laura Ingraham goes one-on-one with billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of ‘Shark Tank.’

DB: Los Angeles Mayor says all citizens should wear masks, COVID-19 task force weighs new guidance ((dailybriefing_____)) ((lubuntu at wor2))

Immunology expert, Dr. Tania Elliott, breaks down why masks should only be reserved for health care workers on âThe Daily Briefing.â

HA: Mark Levin slams Adam Schiff’s coronavirus commission plan: He should stop giving aid and comfort to the enemy ((hannity___________)) ((lubuntu at wor2))

First it was Russia, now it’s China, says Mark Levin, host of ‘Life, Liberty & Levin.’