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CNN3: “:”u003cstrong>Even with coronavirus mitigation efforts, 100, 000 to 240, 000 Americans could face death in weeks aheadu003c/strong>”, “BANNER=|pagerendered| ((lubuntu at wor2))

|| screaming-banner-text banner-text-size–char-47″ data-analytics=”_list-hierarchical-xs_article_”> Trump finally levels with America about desperate reality of pandemic ||” , title: “CNN – Breaking News, Latest News and Videos” , siblings: {“articleList”:[{“uri”:”/2020/03/31/politics/trump-coronavirus/index.html”,”headline”:”u003cstrong>Even with coronavirus mitigation efforts, 100,000 to 240,000 Americans could face death in weeks aheadu003c/strong>”,”thumbnail”:”//”,”duration”:””,”description”:”u003ca href=”” target=”_blank”>Tracking the outbreaku003c/a> | u003ca href=”” target=”_blank”>Alertsu003c/a> | u003ca href=”” target=”_blank”>Newsletteru003c/a> | u003ca href=””>Podcastu003c/a> | u003ca href=”” target=”_blank”>Q&Au003c/a> | u003ca href=”” target=”_blank”>Timelineu003c/a> “,”layout”:””


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